Keeping the Left Pinkie Curved

Curved pinkie

Many of us have a problem with playing with a curved pinkie on the fingerboard. It is better to curve the pinkie because the finger is stronger when it is curved, and curved pinkie will help you achieve better tone because of it. We will look at a few tips on how to keep your pinkie curved.

Bring the palm of your left hand closer to the fingerboard

You have a better chance keeping the pinkie curved when it is closer to the fingerboard. One of the ways to ensure that your pinkie is close to the fingerboard is to twist your hand a little towards the fingerboard so the palm of your hand is placed more or less parallel to the fingerboard. That should enable you to have the pinkie hover over the fingerboard. Because the pinkie is waiting to play close to the fingerboard, you will be able to play with a curved pinkie.

Bring the knuckle at the base of the pinkie higher

The next thing we should think about is how high the knuckle at the base of your pinkie is in relation to the fingerboard. The knuckle should not be lower than the fingerboard. They should be level. You will notice right away that your pinkie becomes straight when the knuckle falls lower than the fingerboard.

Move the thumb away from the 1st finger, and closer to the 4th finger

It is easier to bend your pinkie when your thumb is placed closer to the pinkie than the index finger. How close you bring the thumb towards the pinkie is up to the individual player. Some players will find it natural to have the pinkie by the 2nd finger while others may feel more at home with the thumb by the index finger.

Make sure that whatever you end up doing does not feel forced. You may have to practice for a while to feel more comfortable with your new idea but if that is pulling your fingers or creating tension on your hand, I recommend you try something a little different so your hand feels more natural and relaxed.